Taru Happonen (b. 1989, Lahti, FI) is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki. She is currently finishing her MFA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki.

In her works, the environment and organisms are examined from a microscopic close and far away from a cosmic scale. The works are speaking of the meaning of wonder – viewing the world as it is, complex and constantly changing.

Happonen’s expression has figurative features that break down into abstract. She uses a wide range of materials such as oil paint, recycled plastic, linen, wood, and plastic bags. In the works, different patterns, shapes and materials form links to each other. Organic and inorganic are irrevocably intertwined.

Taru Happonen has exhibited her works actively in Finland and abroad, most recently in the Cosmic Zoom solo exhibition at Galleria Forum Box in Helsinki and in a group exhibition Synthesis at Saatchi Gallery in London, which was curated by Delphian Gallery. Her works are included in the Finnish State Art Deposit Collection and HUS (Helsinki University Hospital) art collection as well as in private collections in Finland and abroad.

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